the future of cleantech.

"Now more than ever, daring entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses need to shine a light for others and be champions of cleantech."

Alisa Murphy | CEO | Life Size Media

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By assembling the right teams and addressing individual business challenges, we empower cleantech companies to become market leaders.

Cleantech Heroes is an initiative of Life Size Media, Hyperion Executive Search and Inven Capital that is providing free individual consultations to enable cleantech companies to realise their full potential.

Now more than ever, daring entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses are needed to shine a light to others and be champions of cleantech.

Collectively, the teams behind Cleantech Heroes have the experience and knowledge to accelerate these companies towards their commercial goals.

We focus on offering our tailored expertise through meaningful interactions. By combining our skills, we strengthen cleantech companies and ensure the sector remains prosperous.

Together, we believe in the power and resiliency of cleantech to overcome whatever comes its way.

Hyperion Executive Search builds teams for the most innovative cleantech companies, enabling them to find extraordinary people.

The global cleantech executive search firm will help you develop the strategy to retain your key staff and build your team of the future, preparing you for your go-to-market strategies, internationalisation and successful fundraising.

Life Size builds market-leading, global cleantech companies using strategic communications.

Europe’s cleantech communications agency will help you identify gaps in your current positioning, unblock challenges and achieve your commercial goals.

Inven Capital is a venture capital fund established to invest in the cleantech and new energy sector.

The specialist cleantech venture capital fund will assist you in understanding the image you portray to investors. This will enable you to refine and improve your fundraising.

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